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“Beautiful sound changing the world, The Department of Piano”

Beginning with the Music Department in 1948, it expanded into three departments; the instrumental music, the voice, and the composition in 1962. In 1980, the instrumental music department was reorganized into the Piano and Instrumental departments.


With the goal of cultivating talented students who have various artistic theories and performing skills, the Department of Piano offers private lessons, accompaniment, and chamber ensemble under the teaching of excellent faculty members, and the theoretical classes such as piano literature and piano pedagogy.


In addition, the department holds several master classes of world-renowned faculties in each semester . Students have lot of performing opportunities through the various concerts such as Concerto Night with Orchestras, piano duo concerts, relay concerts, outdoor classical concerts, and Kyushu Young Artists concerts etc.


The Department of Piano provides students and alumni with individual advising, career counseling, and job fairs after graduation.


It has a dynamic alumni community of over 2,000 pianists in solo performance and chamber music, and they have been active as professional pianists, music journalists, and teachers after graduation.

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