Orchestral Instruments

orchestral music 

Introduction of majors 

"Music of harmony and balance, change the world." 

Purpose of education set by Division of Orchestra is to cultivate great musicians who are equipped with theory and practices to improve basic capabilities and to develop creativity in order to go through comprehensive experiences by joining in many concerts including solo concerts, chamber music concert, and ensembles.

Objective of education set by major of orchestra is as the following in order to cultivate great musician both equipped with theory and practices.

1. Help students to understand harmony and balance with theoretical background and refinement through guided courses of musical literature, researches, and composition analysis.

2. Develop individual creativity and capabilities in order to enable expressive musical abilities.

3. Equip students with various experiences through playing in various concerts including solo, chamber music, and orchestra ensemble with many other musical instruments including string instrument, wind instrument, and percussion.

College of Music


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